Monday, April 5

Nat's Big Walk- Nomad's Land

Whilst you consider your 2010 walking ideas there's one individual who started his own research some time ago.

"My name is Nathaniel Severs, I am 24 years old and in 2010, I am walking the entire coastline of mainland Britain (7,000 miles) for three great charities"

Leaving his Portsmouth home in early January the schedule means he'll next have the comfort of his own bed a few days before Xmas (Hope he remembered to cancel the milk & newspapers)

You can follow his the route map progress & read his trip reports on his Blog Nomad's Land. For those following the current vogue of Keeping Up To The Moment there is even a Twitter feed.

Another local lad, Seb Green, completed his Coastal Walk Challenge back in 2008 which I covered at the time.

My site stats still show regular traffic coming to this Blog via a "Seb Green" keyword search. So its possible that there are a number of people out there considering a similar idea.

Seb's route was 3,500 mile. Nat's estimate is 7,000 miles. Not too sure where the extra distance comes from, but as Seb's journey took Feb-Dec 2008 including a one month break then Nat's walk is going to be a long one indeed.

Is the Coastal Walk starting to taking over from the Lands End\John O' Groats route as The UK Walking Challenge?

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I'm Nat's brother and saw you put a link up, and just wanted to say thanks!

The extra distance compared to Seb's by the looks of Seb's map comes because Nat stays true to the coast the whole way around, so no missed bits, it's coast of the left the whole time! He is also doing Holyhead, Anglesey, Isle of Skye and any other islands connected by bridges. He's just hit Anglesey and is 1600 miles in already so a fair way to go yet!

Thanks again for the support
Thanks for the feedback Jon

I wondered if Nat had fallen into the fractal measurement trap. The deeper the detail used to measure the coastline, the longer the distance turns out to be

Haha well that is a risk. I'm sure the peaks and troughs of Cornwall and Dorset make it feel further too! Interested if any of your readers have walked the west coast of Scotland. Nat is eyeing it with concern at the moment, should be there June time. Advice gratefully received!
i'm sure anyone picking up on this post will make themselves known if they can offer advice
Man, I just read what you are going to be doing.
That would take a lot of will power.
Enjoy you long walk.:)
wow this is really neat. good luck! can't wait to hear how it all turns out!!!
Good luck on your journey and I hope you are able to raise a lot of money.
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