Sunday, April 18

Back Packers Club AGM

Well this week could have gone much worse. I managed to catch the last but one flight out of Ireland so I've been watching with a certain bemused air the grounding of air flights across Europe.

I was gazing over the snow remnants high on the slopes of Wicklow Mountains as I flew out of the airport. Mentally checking ridge routes for a potential walking trip later this year.

Now if I'd only I'd arrived a day later I can guess where I would have 'unavoidably' been forced to spend my time this weekend.

Instead I'm sat in front of this pesky computer keyboard yet again.

Ho hum.

But at least that has given me the chance to catch up with the latest Outdoor Podcasts - especially Podcast Bob's final piece on the NEC Outdoors Show. An interesting interview with the Show's organiser, especially concerning the decision to move the 2011 event to a new venue (London) & and new date (January)
(Why not listen to it yourself and make up your own mind?)

Personally - I think the bells are tolling the death knell for the event as the UK's primary Outdoor Walking Show open to the general public.

Which in itself may not be a bad thing if the show held at the Backpackers Club AGM (Bath 24 April) draws the interest it has in the past.

I'll let you know how that one comes out after my AGM visit this coming weekend.

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I am suprised that you are going to risk another noisy sleepless night with tents crammed together-unless you intend just visiting for the day!!
No Trev - there for the duration. Well maybe
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