Thursday, December 25

New Forest Xmas Wishes

Been outside to walk off all the turkey & mince pies yet? No!

So what you sat there reading this rubbish for then?

Boots on. See you in a few hours.

After all this is the best time of the year for a bit of quiet time whilst the rest of the world goes gently mad in its own inimitable way.

Does eating chocolate money count as a healthy start to the day? I suppose being up and down the stairs 5 times already will have worked them off.

Festive good cheer to you and the Hee-ites
Sage advice - though I didn't escape onto the Downs until Boxing Day it was well worth it.
Like your back yard John!!!!!!!!!! Next time I am heading for the New Forest, re Lyndhurst? I shall be tree dwelling. Dawn
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