Sunday, November 23

Sharpen up - make a choice

Kris Anderson has recently started an online knife business from his USA apartment to ask if I would pass on the news (always happy to support a small start-up venture like this)

Although, as I replied to Kris, I don't think his UK market is going to be very big with the current $/£ currency rate fluctuation and recent publicity concerning knives and the potential for their misuse looming large in the public eye at present.

Remember folks - its not the kit, but how its used, that counts.

All of which brings to mind an incident in an Argos shop earlier this year. My 20 year son buying gear for his first flat. But being refused a set of kitchen knives/block despite the rest of his purchases clearly indicating a normal & legitimate intent. I was called in as "an adult" (i.e. 21+) to buy them instead. After which I passed them back to him, in front of the assistants, and we left the shop with no word of protest from the shop staff.

A silly policy? Or perhaps an over zealous implementation?

Such an increasingly recurrent relinquishment of personal responsibility, that ability to apply common sense as circumstance requires, rather than defer to a mythical higher authority, whether corporate policy/guidelines or even legal statute, is a lengthy post in its own right. And maybe one for another day.

Now where did that all come from I wonder?


Strange that companies can seem to set their own standards as to legal ages. I wonder if it works for customers?

"I'm sorry, sonny, but you are too young to hand me these sets of knives, go and get a member of staff older than 21"

And UV scan all the notes that you get from them.
My niece had a similar problem with Sainsburys they wouldn't sell her a newspaper last week because of the free dvd in it. They wouldn't sell to under 18s (she's 17) the dvd was Oliver!!!!!!!
Oh dear, and here is me wandering around the New Forest in bushcraft mode, ie, carrying my knife. Was John intimidated? Hardly, (I think?) It all boils down though as to why a person has a knife and the purpose that person has it for. For example I know of bushcraft folk who have introduced their kids to knives at an early age and have instilled in them a sense of responsibilty and respect in that a knive is a tool, not a toy or a weapon. Common sense must prevail. Dawn
"Common sense must prevail."
?? Do you live in the UK, Dawn??

IIRC, some chap was done for carrying a survival 'card' kit in his briefcase in London, cos no knives are allowed.

Like the Judge Dredd stories of my youth, "they" will always find something to nail you for if they look hard enough.
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