Wednesday, November 5

Its gone a bit quiet recently

Without wishing to come across as over mysterious, various anticipated live events have finally been coming to a head recently. Nothing too scary in themselves, and happily largely unrelated to family/friends & those things that really count in living a normal existence.

What, JH normal?

(Blimey - things must be worse than I thought if these fingers unconsciously tapped out that array of characters as a description of the meandering multi faceted path that explains my particular version of The Game of Life)

But let's back to the plot.

Currently most of my spare energy and waking hours, is being diverted by the effects of these events. So whilst I continue to keep a weather eye on matters outdoor, the process of writing a few words here, on a regular basis, has been feeling the pinch. And as I said back
at the start of the year, I won't be blogging mundane stuff, or my definition of it at least, just for the sake of making a post.

So some current projects, such as the Furtech sleeping bag report, continue to take a back seat for the present.

Normal service, you are assured, will be resumed, as things start to lighten up.


Glad to hear that it isn't family-related.
There's more than enough personal disaster around the UK bloggosphere at the moment to go wasting too much of folks sentiment on my piddling stuff
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