Sunday, October 26

OMM Lake District Washout

Since my post yesterday it seems that story has been picked up across much of the media, including the dubious success of being the #1 Popular News Item of Most Read, Most E-mailed and Most Watched on the BBC website, the first time I've seen that happen.

In an attempt to balance the inevitable doom, gloom & "It shouldn't be allowed" storyline keep an eye on the balanced reporting coming out from
SleepMonsters as (unsurprisingly) the OMM site itself seems be having trouble coping with the pressure of Net traffic now heading their way.

Plenty of video clips as well, including this one taken on Honister Pass for a taste of just how truly abysmal the conditions are out there.

(Edit 09:25 - more news over on Grough with feedback from one of the MRT teams)

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Has anyone posted on the internet a map of the route(s) the runners were planning to take? If so, URL please.
To be honest John I think they made a bad call. I have said why on my blog and think some folk need to be humble and say we got it wrong.
Checking the UK walking Newsgroup it would appear that there may have been some vested interests behind some of the media reports involved.
Thing is this event was always meant to be challenging. And entrants were aware of the need for suitable preparation. Bearing in mind there were 2500 entrants and nil casualties I think that reflects the organisation involved.
Let them have their challenge. you cant take all the risk out of life.
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