Sunday, October 19

More little things

The distinctive long swoopy whoop of the lapwing. Peewit never a sufficient badge for that cry.

Distinctive plumed hats bobbing deep amongst the remaining long meadow grass. Back in residence already this Autumn. Unlikely camouflage, the stately black and white dress suit.

Until, again disturbed by my passage nearby, they take to the air. To dive and swerve towards me. To warn of their desire for solitude. Instead causing me to pause. To soak up their unique aerobatic ballet.

Back in mind then, to that crisp February morning long ago. Wandering along the Avon Valley Footpath. Across damp water meadows south of Ringwood. My companion explaining. Things Lapwing, and Marsh Marigold.

Offering knowledge.

Leaving a lifelong memory of the strength, movement & grace of the gathered Lapwing flock.


Lapwings seem to be very much a summer bird up here in the North pennines - Upper Teesdale in particular has a massive nesting population. But they've mostly gone somewhere else now. On the right day in the right place, there can be absolute silence - which is good to listen to as well...
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