Sunday, October 5

TGO Magazine - Revamp works for me

Finally I've found a few minutes to pick through the latest issue of TGO, the first of the new revised format. A few articles read, but more to come back to later

For the moment some quick impressions. As ever content is solid and entertaining with new blood (including a certain A.Howell esq) already feeling 'right' for the TGO brand. (and myself and a few other Bloggers get a mention along the way)

There's a little more controversy in some of the topics chosen (Tarps - For and Against) which can't be bad.

Layout - a great improve IMHO

It left me with a feeling of a more Open and Wider read.

Now thats not a very clear explanation I know. But for an Outdoor mag to somehow leave a feeling of a more expansive format is a clever trick indeed. You'd need to get hold of a copy yourself to see if it leaves the same impression.

Nice one Cameron McN and the team - a big tick from this reader.


I told Cameron it is 9.5 out of 10. Always room to improve I say.
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