Wednesday, October 8

New Forest National Park - Circle The Wagons

No apologies for returning to this topic so soon folks.

As I mentioned previously, despite widespread media attention, there appears to be meagre blog coverage, particularly amongst those covering outdoor matters, by which I mean those Blogs outside the normal walking\camping reads (A Big Shiny Star to Weird Darren who has already raised some interesting questions as to the New Forest Access Forum's stance, and purpose)

Naturally I'd happily be corrected about on-line coverage. In the meantime my own concern remains both personal as professional.

Personal. I'm one of the many regular Forest users, potentially affected.

Professional. Intrigue as to how a 'new' National Park establish policy. Once, which if allowed to be created unopposed, may well be virtually impossible to change for many years ahead.

Apologies therefore to those readers who may be less interested in this side path wandering from my usual airings on backpacking, wild camping and walking.

But how this issue eventually plays itself out may ultimately help with an understanding of how to influence NPA policy (support wildcamping?) and a better understanding of access rights for all outdoor users. And thats not just those special interest groups currently backing FUG.

It would seem, following the NPA's tepid TV presence last weekend, that they have stepped up their own media offensive. Chris Packham, local TV/Radio personality and naturalist has gone very public with his vocal support for the NPA.

Time will tell if this turns out to be a step rather too vocal & too closely associated with the NPA, especially if things get mucky as things develop

'At the NPA's headquarters, Mr Packham said the authority has to put people first and animals second, but "what disappoints me is that people are reluctant to accept change"'(copyright BBC website)

What the ........?

Assuming the quote was covered in context, the implication of that comment is hardly likely to sway those already nursing an increasing number of grievances. The sort that start with the piss-poor NPA Consultation Process and then scamper sulkily towards some serious and very real hard nose economic & lifestyle decisions.

Wonder if Mr P knows the name for that rather special breed of bird?
The sort that will sometime come home to roost at just the wrong time.

To keep up with events, the FUG Website has regular news updates & links

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what gets me is that I think these protesters have missed a trick against this so called very minor celebrity.
See this social media thing has a kick back for this sort of person. They think they can make sweeping comments without ramifications. But he seems to have got away with it. I mean no updates to his wiki entry, no bad reviews of his books on Amazon, etc.
In fact I'm surprised the NFNPA wiki entry (if there is one) hasn't been updated.
But then maybe it is just me and my experience of how this sort of thing has been handled by geeks online.
PS Looking at the site of the protesters very er rubbish. Can't even email the webmaster although they have made it so that you can phone them!
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