Tuesday, November 18

Dawn, deer & damn the camera

The call came late last week. A chance to steal away from the daily work routines and meet up with fellow UK Outdoor Blogger Dawn Meeting up was uneventful so off to catch up with the usual gossip over a post journey coffee. Outspread map and our muddy boots, brought some glances from the patrons of the up-market establishment, as we sat happily looking at Dawn's options for her trip, based on my local knowledge.

Away then to a quieter part of the New Forest, to walked together up to a distant ridge before I turned back. Even in that brief a time two encounters with deer, one almost from beneath our feet as a fawn sprang clear, suddenly unfrozen for its hiding place deep amongst the dying bracken. The second - a full herd with four antlered stags standing guard.

Later as I returned another herd appeared on the horizon, silhouetted against a sun low in the sky. The pesky mobile telephone camera absolutely incapable of capturing the particular uniqueness of the moment.

(And the same it seems for photo editing package - you'll have to click on the picture below to see what I mean)

A good day, pleasant company; And a reminder to saviour the simple things that truly count.

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What matters is you have the memory of that moment. Memories are always there with us. My best views and moments out in the hills are mostly not on film.
Thanks for everything John. All went well. Write up and photos on my blog. Have managed to capture a couple of stags on one photo. Dawn
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