Sunday, December 21

Honister Hause Slate Mine - Collateral Damage?

From my Troll sources, deep and safely hidden in the ancient tunnels of Honister Slate Mine come rumblings - and the noises have nothing to do with mine stability (and yes we're talking about real Trolls rather than the web based annoyances)

Following the intense media scrutiny of the OMM Challenge Event back in October, and the role played by the mine visitor centre, or more specifically mine owner, Mark Weir, local feelings continue to run high it seems.

Much of the striking video footage from the event was provided free of charge to the media by OMM competitors/walkers on the spot.

But reports are circulating, of alleged substantial reimbursements making their way to supplement the mine's usual income stream.

Naturally nothing untoward as recompense. But bearing in mind the role played by Honister, it could be considered as somewhat inconsiderate. Or possibly even outrageous.

My sources, being of a somewhat diminished stature & unable to appear during daylight hours to interact with local inhabitants, are as yet unable to verify such a claim (Ever tried to use a phone box when you're only 1 foot 6 inches tall?)

Whatever the truth, it is a hard commercial world out there; And as anyone who has visited Honister will well understand their potential revenue opportunities are somewhat limited.

But the various pronouncements made in the media during the event, alongside the no doubt well intentioned, but independent & possibly uncoordinated rescue effort arranged at the mine's initiative is having some collateral damage.

The interest that Honister has in forming a close and very formal association with local Mountain Rescue Teams, possibly even a permanent base siting, appears to be stalling at present. Particularly around certain commercial aspects. An issue which Mountain Rescue always treats with high sensitivity in order to maintain their independent and impartial status.

Whilst some local MRTs appear positive towards the suggestion the majority, it has been suggested, wouldn't touch it with a barge pole. Especially after OMM.

All of which remains conjecture for the present.

But Trolls have long lives and excellent memories. Alongside some very creative methods of digging down into dirt to find gems. A skill which they have spent many generations perfecting deep in the bowels of the earth.

Hopefully more to come, if the buggers can just work out how to work the telephone for the occasional update.

RIP Deep Throat. Hello Deep Troll?

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