Saturday, December 13

Scoop! Backpacking Light Podcasts

Looks like this blog is far from being in the minority when it comes to appreciating Podcast Bob's free audio pieces.

The Backpackinglight Audio Interviews have just won one of the coveted 2008 European Podcast Awards in the category for UK Business. Not a bad result considering there were 128 UK entries (out of the 750 total submitted across Europe) Looks like Bob is in line to receive "a valuable material prize (audio-recording device/software)" but the material gain will mean little compared to the international recognition.

I managed to contact Bob earlier today with the news. "I'm absolutely gobsmacked and so chuffed" he told me "A big thanks to everyone who voted for me. If I could take this opportunity I'd just like to thank ....... "

Mercifully the mobile telephone signal started to break up at this point, so my notes on the next five or so minutes have regrettably proved too indecipherable to record here.

Congrats Bob.

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That's good news, John. Well done to Bob.

I tried navigating the website last night to find the winners list but gave up. Heck, even just now they are still accepting votes. I just hope that they don't have a recount!
We all voted for him. Sounds like he will be buying lots rounds on the Challenge then.
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