Tuesday, December 2

Seb Green - True celebrity

So the weather has got decidedly colder recently. Then there is that edgy wind that's been blowing for the last few days. Suddenly the joy of a long outdoor trek becomes much less attractive. Especially where there is no shelter - something like a cliff-top walk perhaps?

Bear a thought then for a true celebrity, previously mentioned on this blog - Seb Green on his Round Britain walk.

Currently somewhere north of Plymouth he's on the final stretch of his 3,000+ mile walk, and expects to arrive home in Weymouth during the next couple of weeks.

A celebrity? Well in my eyes one truly deserving of that oft misused and abused title.

His fame has come through selfless effort, unabashed contrition for his original mistake, and continual and communal improvements. That's of truer value than those boasters using the C title as a result of a hard working agent or as over excessive use of silicon implants.

Consider the charities benefiting from the £14,000+ raised. Or the people he's encountered along the way, seeing for themselves that something positive can come from an anti-social act. The proof that not all of modern yoof is a feral hooded knife wielder lurking on a street corner.

However I suspect the real gift for Seb will be the self knowledge and personal awareness gained over the months since his February start. A better understanding of self reliance and personal responsibility - an essential part of maturing as a human being.

Something that some people two or three times his age have yet to discover.

Welcome home Seb.

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The lad has done good. Some walk that.
That is one hell of a walk! Thanks for the reminder John.
now what does he do next. Back to a life of mundane routine, or keep the momentum going?
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