Monday, April 30

Trail Magazine - June

Another month, another well laid trap to fall into. Again.

Curses! Clever these publishers. I should have learnt my lesson by now.

Lots of lovely articles to dig into, but once again a sense of deflation. Why is that? A quick glance at the articles:
  • Good bit on the new via ferrata route at Honister Hause slate mine
  • 'Get into wildcamping' Nice try, but bullet points on a single page - give me a break!
  • Philosophy of Lightweight. Interesting, but more content, less double page pictures
  • Essential equipment - Ha ha. Got me going there. I was half way through the article before I read 'an adequate supply of water is essential but insufficient' What on earth? Oh right - a sponsored article by the Sugar Bureau aka Designer drinks good; Water bad. Naughty. Very naughty
  • Sub 2k tents - reasonable article.
  • How to buy a soft shell - with the lead-in stating ".....which is why you need one" Oh. And there's me without one. Heresy. A quick scour of the article and I finally found the answer. In small text. On a green background. Still got no real idea why I 'must' have one. A pity it came across as an order. I don't react well to that sort of approach. Sloppy journalism on an otherwise good article though.
  • Eiger history- great bit, this is more like it.

And so on..........

One thought as I dropped it in the recycle rack (after only 1/2 hour reading this month) was a topic that seem to mirror some of my older blog posts (e.g. Walks/Public transport)

Now I've got no monopoly on that idea. After all it's been around for years, but I do recall trying to explain how easily it can be achieved and why. A bit strange to see the number of routes labelled as Public Transport. When did that first start popping up?

This months cover price£3.50; Or £7.00 an hour at my interest level.

And you have this blog all for free. Peachy


My copy cost me a quid including postage ^__^

I had a call about a month ago asking me if I wanted to try Trail for 3 issues for a pound each including postage? Err ok I said. Bit of no brainer that, plus if subscription gift ok I may resubscribe again at end.
Even a quid seems too much to me on present showing.

oh I can get so grumpy at times
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