Thursday, May 6

Dear Diary (It could have gone worse)

Diary: Thu 6th May

07.30 Rise from The Pit of Luxury. Partake of light breakfast. Read a couple of book chapters.

08.30. Leave book hero in a perilous position - he'll have to wait in Limbo for a while.

09.00 Avoid much of the rush hour traffic. Arrive at Dentist on time.

09.15 Tooth concern explained. Turns out to be cracked cap: Oh no - sounds expensive.

09.16 Opinion revised. Make that a cracked root underneath: Oh no - sounds worrying.

Dentist "We'll have to have that one out I'm afraid".
Me "".
Dentist "Might as well"

Me "Errrr........"

Me TUG (its mine)
TUG (I'm somewhat attached to this you know)
TUG (Leave it alone)
TUG (Leave me alone)
WOBBLE (Last chance mate.....)

09.30 Dentist "Bite down on this for 15-20 minutes". Me "Mumble mumble mumble"

09.40 Receptionist "There's a couple of other things to do. You'll need another appointment".
Me "Mumble mumble mumble".

09.41 Receptionist Tap. Tap. Tap. Calculate. Tap. Tap. Total

09.42 Me "Mumble mumble. How Much! Gulp. Ouch. Mumble mumble"

10.00 Drive to work. Still biting down hard, for a number of reasons

10.30 Start work for the day.

And you think you had a crappy day.

(BTW Mr Dentist is a lovely chap. Its just me who hates the visits (Rare as they are these days) Better the teeth are sorted now rather than painful times this summer. Probably somewhere remote & ruinous of a wildcamp trip)


You have my sympathy John, however, at least you did not have what I had which was a confrontation with a guy with a rifle. Will put up a write up soon.
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