Saturday, May 1

Alpkit - New Gear (Scoop?)

Regrettably I didn't get time to do more than cast glances towards Alpkit's stand at last weekend's Backpacker Club Event. And that was only because the stall was barely 3m from where I spent most of that day with Podcast Bob and his team.

On the few occasions I did get time to look it seemed to me that the Aplkit staff was similarly working hard to handle the steady stream of eager BPC members keen to get their hands on the gear on offer.

As the crowds thinned out pre the AGM time, I finally managed to get over to the stand, by now mostly stripped down with van repacking well advanced.

Happily Alpkit's prototype tent was still pitched, giving me the chance for a quick looksee & brief chat about the design & some of the possible modifications that may be made if the tent is to reach the Outdoor market.

As a one man lightweight double skin design it includes a reasonably large vestibule under the flysheet for foul weather cooking. But for me the real difference apart from the majority of lightweight one man designs was the provision for a separate tent entry on either side. So in hot weather the fly sheet can be quickly unzipped and tied back on both sides offering that all important panoramic view, whilst encouraging any passing breeze to sort our any ventilation & condensation issues.

Whilst checking out the Alpkit site early today for further information about the tent I came instead across a couple of other radical innovations from this company.

These are items that I've not seen mentioned elsewhere on the Outdoor reports or in the media.

So gather near dear reader. Let us talk in hush tones together, as I can reveal all..........

No doubt you'll have heard much of the 'Thermarest\NeoAir sleeping mat - which is better' debate.

Well a new Contender is on the scene. Alpkit may well take this market by storm with the
Alpkit MegaMat D-Luxion sleeping mat. Radical in approach it offers:

"the reassurance of simple home comforts away from home whether you are camping in France, trekking to Everest or hanging in a portaledge on El Cap.........just like sleeping in your own bed only better"

And as for the price!

Well you'd better check it out for yourself, especially with Alpkit's 3 hour shipping offer (
now that's customer service for you busy people)

For the climbers amongst you - how about the Sflash - fluid groundfall protection system.

"A highly advanced fall protection system, designed to cope with the demands of 'new school' highball problems. Conventional foam sandwich type pads are inadequate when the climbing enters the the terrifying 2m up ‘no fall’ zone. The Sflash replaces this outdated system with a flexible, open, fluid retention pod. We have all seen climbers happily cranking it 25m up when deepwater soloing, and the Sflash pad allows you to replicate the freedom and safety of DWS at your local crag. Simply unroll the lightweight Siliconised nylon pod, fill with liquid (not included) and get sending!"

A radical approach indeed. Once again offered at a startling price.

Remember folks - you read it here first.

Oh and one thing ............

 did spot it was a Beta test site for the new shop didn't you now?


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No scoop that! I saw these pages, now when would it be? Oh, exactly a month ago.
I think I worked the context out Phil

But did you let anyone else on it at the time?

"Tongue-cheek?" Certainly (all round). And please don't think I don't appreciate you bringing it to wider attention through your blog.

Great people at Alpkit!
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