Saturday, April 24

backpackers club agm - day 2 (report)

(Venue for the AGM - only the best for the BPC)
The BPC is in a positive frame of mind if the weekend's turn out of 160+ members (from nearly 900 in total) reflects the club's level of interest.

The sun continued to shine down onto a positive get together with the usual meet and greet typical of an annual event.

As normal there were a few committee vacancies to fill for it's a thankless task to keep a UK wide organisation of this calibre running quietly from behind the scenes with limited recognition.

With imminent plans to re brand the BPC website & functionality there are signs that repeated suggestions from the net savy contingent of the membership have finally been taken on board there bye moving the BPC forwards. An important consideration when considering other such outdoor alternatives as viewed by Joe Public.

All considered a good weekend, a positive atmosphere and a productive one for the gear junkies looking at the busy trade stands on the Saturday.

And that's based on personal experience as I stepped in to help cope with the lengthy rush at the Backpackinglight stand. So to all those left wondering who the gormless helper was on Saturday - well the truth can been revealed.

2011's AGM is likely to be May 6-8 at Stanhope (in the Yorkshire Dales if I heard the location correctly. There was some disagreement over the pronunciation from a Yorkshire lad)
Something for your 2011 diary when it gets there.

(Edit: I'm reliably informed that
Stanhope is a County Durham parish)


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