Sunday, April 25

A Vote For Podcast Bob Isn't a Vote Wasted

I'm reminded, having now seen Podcast Bob's business activity from both sides of the counter, that he has also done one or two Podcasts along the way.

So a reminder for those interested - the European Podcast Award voting is open for this year (An award that Bob won last year for his Outdoor Podcasts)

As you no doubt know Bob continues to provide his Podcasts free of charge. So if you enjoy them why not pop over make your vote count for him?

A nice way to say ThankYou?

At least with this sort of vote you get to enjoy what you vote for.

Unlike the Other Event currently underway across the UK, littering the fields and roadsides with (highly illegal?) & most unsightly fly posting.

I should know having just seen copious amount of roadside crap on my return journey earlier.

I reckon the Government should do something about whoever is behind all this eye-sore!


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