Saturday, April 24

backpackers club agm - finale

This BPC meet was a pleasant experience, making up for some negative feelings that still
lingered after my last attendance in April 2008.

Now I don't know whether that was the Bath Racecourse venue with plenty of pitch space & (very) posh facilities (Running Hot Water & Toilet Paper that didn't disappear by Friday evening!) Perhaps my expectation and attitude has changed.

Then again it may have been down to the members who attended this year. Nobody seemed to crowd anybody else's enjoyment. And everyone I encountered was kind enough to say hello, and felt free enough to while away the time chatting about kit, walking and backpacking in general. Such an easy going atmosphere, especially for the new members who took the plunge.

Even criticisms raised during the AGM were discussed in a mature and positive way with the committee clearly wishing to get greater involvement from the members themselves. But for those who've been involved with clubs and their organisation I'm afraid this is the norm.

Post AGM I managed to grab a quick preview of the new BPC website, officially still a work in progress, but looking to me to be ready to roll out sometime very soon. Feedback on such items as the BPC Forum have been listened to and acted upon.

It has been a long week. Having renewed acquaintances old and new it was time to head for home. To tart up the Blog pieces & pictures sent from on-site (Blogging by phone - Pah!)

A good few days. And if this is a portent of a southern BPC AGM - then lets have more down this way soon please.



Can you give us a 'heads up' when the AGM is about to happen next year. I might well attend, just to lower the tone ;-))
wil do
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