Tuesday, March 31

South Downs National Park-here we go again?

As intimated during a past post, and undoubtedly timed to recognise the 60th anniversary of the introduction of laws to protect rural areas, comes the announcement that the South Downs area has received National Park status. England's ninth National Park, and the UK's fifteenth.

Once again reaction has been mixed, especially from those within the proposed boundaries. Some of whom are already organised.

Thoughts naturally turn westwards to consider the recent, still sensitive (and still rumbling) experiences associated with the establishment of its New Forest counterpart.

Tonight, down amongst the sleepy
South-East hamlets, there were be an opposition preparing for a long battle as they start to come to terms with the modern considerations involved in being granted National Park status.


The other week I drove towards Skipton. A large building is going up on the hill side changing the view. It is in the Park boundary. I often wonder what good the Lake District one does. Let alone the Dales. A walk by the Honister Slate mine revels a change in the scene from past days at the back of it. I have a view that National parks are about preserving the landscape and making access available to it for all. Still so much of the current Parks have areas with access issues. What good will the new one actually do?
Its the way the new ones bed in that has me concerned. Yes the established NPs have an element of big Brother/NIMBY about them. but they have reached a working arrangement with their local populations. The latest creations come across as rather too keen on imposing their will, rather too soon into their life.
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