Thursday, March 5

Clamcleat tent pegs

It's rare you'll find me actively choosing to increase to my backpack base weight. After all I'm the saddo who knows that a Lithium AAA battery, power source for my GPS & MP3 Player/Radio, is substantially lighter than the Alkaline alternative, aside from the substantial improvement in battery life. But here's one of the infrequent exceptions.

I've never been totally enamoured of the standard set of tent pegs that came with my Hilleberg Akto tent. Lightweight & functional they may be. But there are only 10 pegs- sufficient for the tent when fully pegged out. But no spares.

On recent trips I've noticed a couple of the pegs starting to show signs of the inevitable kink, the result of striking subsoil stone once too often.

I've been tempted by some of the titanium alternatives, but they always felt rather puny & pencil like. Not quite instilling the quiet confidence required during a Force 10 gale, high on a Lakeland hill, when each new gust threatens to lift the peg from its tenuous hold on the thin earth.

Thanks to Stourvale Walker's recent discovery I've solved the problem with a purchase of 12 Clamcleat aluminium pegs for under £10. Long, solid & bright blue. A triple shaft design that shouts 'Try me if your hard enough'. I suspect these won't bend but more likely shatter if the strain ever does get too much.
My peg weight has gone from up from 100g in total to 150g. But for that I now carry 2 spare pegs, and hopefully a safer night next time that gale seeks me out somewhere far from civilisation.

Let's see if I can bend these buggers over the coming years.


I've long been a fan of Clamcleats pegs - I took their titanium Tornado pegs on my Lejog in '07 and they have still not a single scratch on them - you can hammer them into a block of wood!

Good quality gear.
Aye, these are indeed the might prongs of power.
The simple addition of that wee bit of cord would even make them good if the were just silver!
Yep, I like them, I like them a lot. After butchering so many pegs over the years I wonder how these would manage? Titanium, mangled them, my easton alloy pins are very good, however, I have snapped a few and almost all of them are a bit wobbly. Probably driving them in with an ice axe did not help. Maybe, just maybe I may splash out for a pack. Dawn
Hello John

Nice blog - we could do with you adding some of your knowledge to our site as we build he outdoors and active area.

Is there a follow option for your blog?

Cheers Wayne
They wont break John. I used Ypegs from Mountain Hardware with my old Akto for years. Hit em, kick,em abuse them. Still wont break. I still wonder why I have not got a set since I sold the Akto. Then the V pegs from Bob are good.
Sorry Wayne - no follow option yet -one of the penalties of "customising" Blogger & something I need to sort out.

Thanks folks for feedback on the pegs - guess they will be as bulletproof as they appear
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