Saturday, February 7

Remember me this way

Today a cold and icy wander along the paths and hidden tracks that criss-cross Wilverley Enclosure in the New Forest.

Clean transparent ice, freshly thrown across the puddles, despite the 3 deg temperature.

Signs of snow in the undergrowth still clearly visible. Ahead a couple of cheeky deer break cover. Their white rumps flashing, stubby tails held high, as they casually hop along the track before me. No urgency to dash for thicket cover today. A sign that the recent hard weather and reduced human traffic along this way had toned down their usual fight or flight response.

In the weak sunshine a bench beckons. Its siting always a friendly welcome at the junction of four major tracks. A position carefully chosen for sunlight and quiet reflection deep amongst the trees.

Today the bench is crowned with twin wreaths - in remembrance to one who's memorial it represents.

A physical manifestation to match the mental appreciation I often offer up to its unknown benefactor.
A fellow traveller. Similarly in tune with time & place. A special spot.

The path unwinds before me as I start uphill. I leave behind the one for whom a journey has completed. Marked for others to note; To reflect; To share; Despite the absence of their physical presence on this bright and quiet late winter morning.

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I found that a very thoughtful and reflective posting John. Very good indeed.
Beautiful John, simple and dignified.
poignant and sensitively written
From the heart; To the heart;
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