Sunday, January 25

New Forest National Park Authority - The Battle Rages On

Coincidental with a piece I'm currently researching about the ongoing saga of the NFNPA and the debacle of their consultation/strategy exercise, BBC TV's Countryfile earlier today aired some of the arguments.

If you missed this it can still be seen on the Countryfile Watch-It-Again-Now for the next seven days (starts at 2 minutes into the program)

The NFNPA's official reaction to those who responded to the original consultation document is due at the end of January.

I've a few more checks to make before my article is fit to publish. But the fight for those living or using the New Forest is still very much alive and kicking.

More to follow ..........

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Saw the Programme John. To be honest, I thing Countryfile ought to have gone in to more depth and given a more detailed account. Dawn
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