Sunday, January 4

Whats in a name - Inov8

Checking an e-mail flyer earlier today I was led to a range of camera protection gear from Inov8. I'm very aware of the renown lightweight footwear available from Inov-8, so naturally thought this was a new product line. But not so, as a few minutes research was enough to show it was a completely separate company.

Which got me thinking.

So how about some TV kit from InOv8? Medical products from Inov8? Perhaps fuel injection systems from INOV8.

Talk about confusing! Not so much INOV8-tion, more duplication.

Will the real Inov8 please take one pace forward.


This is an issue for Inov8, other companies using the same name. It confuses search engines. And ebay!
..and me
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