Saturday, January 17

Litte egret - Stolen moments

A mid morning wander across the local housing estate to pick up the Saturday papers. As I walked alongside the diverted stream, appearing from its culvert beneath the roadway, and barely two minutes from home I spotted this bird, happily paddling in the watercourse.

It must be a regular visitor to the spot, for rather than flee, it flew only a few yards. Up into a nearby tree. A sudden flash of yellow showing from florescent feet, stark against the whiteness of the bird.

On my return a few minutes later there was a repeat performance, but this time the perch was the bridge handrail. I captured this second shot at the moment the Little Egret decided that this was enough for the moment

I really must get a mobile telephone with a decent camera for these sort of unexpected moments.


Egrets, I've had a few,
But then again, too few to mention...

You'll R egret saying that BG
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