Tuesday, January 20

Momentous News

What a memorable day this has been.

Finally after so many years of doubt, uncertainty and intrigue, arrives news of a potentially life changing event.

Something that many across the globe had doubted they would ever see in their lifetime.

A moment so momentous and celebrated that people in the streets turn to each and ask "Could you believe it?".

A pivotal story that will be retold in hush tones to generations yet to come.

One of those rare memories that will beg the question "Where were you when you heard the news?"

Yes folks - the identity of The Stig from BBC TV's Top Gear has been revealed by some members of the UK press, and quickly picked up by international news outlets.

Lets hope he doesn't suffer the same fate of the last Stig who blew his cover.

Top story of the week, if not the year.



Haven't seen the article, but he's not an African-American from Hawaii is he, by any chance?
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