Thursday, January 22

Outdoor Tips - Hipflask/meths holder

A few words on the post Xmas spirit. In this case quite literally.

If you manage to spot an empty bottle of Tesco's own brand Napoleon Brandy it may pay to divert it away from the recycling bin for use as part of your wildcamping/walking kit.

This container, hip flask shaped, weighs in at 52g (with lid) and holds 35cl.

More importantly it is constructed of a strong transparent plastic. Whilst undoubtedly useful as a hip flask, it looks ideal as a potential container for meths etc.

Better still, it's a freebie, if you come across one.

Otherwise you'll fork out £6-£7. And then there is that arduous task of having to drink the content.

The things we do in the name of kit provisioning!


Hi John, useful little find and a perfect capacity for short trips. I do love a good brandy on a wild camp (emphasis on good here) and I'm slowly coming around to a suitably aged single malt. True sign of aging perhaps? Roll on 30!
You're on a slippery slope John - from own-brand Brandy to meths... I'd follow the Dude and trade up to a malt if I was you. I'm sure with all the weight you save elsewhere you could carry a small cask.
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