Monday, February 2

Ho hum

It snowed overnight.

So I got up, cleared the snow from the car, and taking suitable care drove to work as normal.

A full day doing my bit to keep UK PLC afloat.

And then an easy drive home this evening, with due care for the conditions.

Then I was raised in the Midlands where snow, ice and freezing conditions came as a matter of course each Winter.

So what was so special about the estimated 80% of the workforce, particularly in the south.

Perhaps it came as a huge surprise?

Snow! In the winter!

Let's find someone to sue.


I see Bob Crow gets his tu'pence worth in. :-(
Yep, london public transport has ground to a halt. Wandered over to the local Tesco to do some shopping for my next door neighbour. An amazing sight, people panic buying, the shelves where just emptying. The manager was saying they had opened late because of staffing problems and if there where no deliveries soon they would be closing early. Strueth, it is only a drop of snow. Mind, I have never seen so many folk out, a lot of people in this area have never seen snow before.
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