Wednesday, February 25

Outdoor blog and website links

I've become somewhat reluctant over recent months to publicise new UK outdoor blog & websites on here.

Not, I hasten to add, because I don't recommend them. Personally I try to keep up with each site's postings on a regular basis via the my RSS feed package. To be honest its really the only way that I can keep up these days (check out Google Reader for an easy introduction & a free RSS tool)

The main reason for my decision has been more to do with the sheer volume of new bloggers popping up with something that they feel the urge to say, along with their own observations & tips.

To visit each web site directly would require a couple of hours each day if I was to visit each independently, hence RSS.

Take February for instance. I've become aware of:
  • Step By Step -"a walker\backpacker of many (too many) years standing"
  • A Mountain High - "in my third remission from cancer attempt to blog my re-kindled passion for the mountains"
  • Backpackingbongos -"to write about my backpacking trips"
  • Where the Fatdog Walks - "Three years ago I decided that I needed a break from the interminably boring dogwalks near the house. Armed with a rucksack of Bonios and a black hairy stomach on legs I headed into the wilds of Scotland. This blog is a record of our travels"
  • Daily Hiker - "web magazine dedicated to helping hikers, backpackers, mountaineers, and anyone else interested in the outdoor"
  • Stourvale Walker - "Backpacking & light weight camping in wild places" (finally - a local lad from my neck of the woods)
So rather than fill this blog with "have you seen.." type posts, as in the past when finding UK based outdoor backpacking/wildcamping reading was a challenge, nowadays the new Bloggers find me. Or more accurately, us - those who have already established blogs and websites and continue to provide our regular outpourings over the years. For better or worse.

Whilst there are a couple of UK Outdoor Blog link lists around, if you really want to get an idea of what's on offer I suggest checking the UK Outdoor Bloggers Association membership list for the latest links.

(Happily its been one of the successes of the UKOBA that it continues to deliver on its original aim to pull together UK Outdoor Bloggers, whether new or established, and provide mutual support & a pooling of ideas to develop the format into the future)

Now having said all that, I've a plug for a site new to me, which I mention because its sufficiently different from the majority of those already on offer.

Clever Backpacker "provides tools for backpacking, hiking, camping, and more. You can check out gear, find related resources, and use our tools. Be clever, use our tools to save you time when you plan your next trip"

There are plenty of ideas, advice & access to some thoughtful tools. Possibly the sort of things, like gear lists, that you considered doing yourself, but never quite got around to.

Right. That lot should keep you busy on the next rainy Sunday afternoon.


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