Friday, March 20

YHA Hostel Network - Update

A surprise lay on the doormat this evening, courtesy of the postman.

The YHA have sent me the 2009 Network Update. And whats more - its a printed version! Been quite a few years since I've seen one of these.

Despite the title it appears to be a complete listing of the hostels & camping barns, although the useful detail such as 'Distance to next hostel' has been dropped.

Nice to see a print version once again. There's something rather special about flicking through the pages and picking out some new places to explore.

Somehow its just never the same clicking from website page to page.


There is something authentic and nostalgic about print. The turning of the page just seems right. On line print editions and Zeno subscriptions do save paper, but seem not quit right. Interesting point John.
Print version will come in handy when you can't get wireless internet or internet cafe access.
20 years ago I was in the habit of purchasing the An Óige guide regularly. Once used, I'd pass it on to the mother of a friend of mine.
Recently they dug out one of the guides and gave it back. If you search the web it isn't too easy to find all these old and closed YHs, so paper copies can be very valuable indeed. They also bring back very happy memories, too!
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