Thursday, March 19

NEC Outdoor Show 2009

Yes. You are correct of course. It has been some time since my drops of wisdom spilled onto this page.

But times continue to be somewhat exasperating for those everyday affairs that are essential to keep a well maintained roof on Hee Towers.

At least my own circumstances are relatively stable perhaps unlike some of you reading these lines, trying to get through another day & wondering what the future may bring.

But its that time of year again - loins to be girded for the long trip north to this year's Outdoors Show at the NEC. To see what is on offer in the outdoor world and rekindle old acquaintances as I meet up with other Bloggers & contacts across the outdoor 'industry'.

As in previous years I'll be reporting from the show on Friday, hopefully pointing you in the direction of any fun/cheap/innovative gear on offer.

Building on the event's past approach 2009 will have 300+ exhibitors, 25 different activities to try out, and a number of famous (and infamous) faces attending (Although Lord Saint Blessed is not listed so far this year - I thought it was obligatory for his confirmation of this gathering)

This year will prove more interesting in the past for a number of reasons. With current economic woes there has been a definite push towards cheap/UK based leisure activity. All of which has had the UK gear and activity companies jumping up and down with their efforts to attract wider public interest.

Well we shall see next week. Although if my hotel reservation booking is an indication, this year could see attendance and visitor spending somewhat more restrained than in recent years.

I'll leave you with an extract from 2008's statistics. An indication of what the punters said they wanted last time around (Source: SALESforce & visitor research 2007 – 2008)
  • 33,505 visitors in 2008 (Male 61%, Female 39%)
  • 84% of visitors came with their families
  • 77% want the show to take place every year
  • 61% said the show met or exceeded their expectations
  • 79% said the show was good value for money
  • 67% said they would attend again in 2009
  • 85% ABC1 spend over £2,300 per year on outdoors pursuits
  • Average household income in excess of £36,000
  • 79% come to the show to see the latest products
  • 70% come to the show to buy clothing and equipment
  • 90% love to see new outdoors clothing

I wonder. Will there be a similar response this year?


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