Friday, March 27

NEC Outdoors Show 2009 - Report #2

Another turn around the show. A further bargain hunt & what turned out to be a fruitless hunt for innovative ideas (Alpkit's Colab apart). Once again it seems to be the same companies each year that tempt the money from my tight and near tearful grasp.

UK based Keela persuaded a tenner from me in exchange for a fleece top.

That was swiftly followed by Regatta, but this time two fleeces for the same amount. A slightly thinner material but ideal for my wants. Yep you read that correctly. £5 each

Along the way a bit of people watching turned up the sight of Alan Hinkes, striding unnoticed through the bar area, buttocks grinding together like a pair of oversized walnuts (a Yorkshire man passing by an open bar without a sidelong glance - surely some mistake?) God does that man look lean & fit.

Sucking in my stomach slightly more than usual I countered that unfortunate image back in the Press Office at the sight of a blond bomshell Karina Hollekim (23). Damn has this association with the denisions of Grub Street infected me I wonder? A woman seemingly bemused by unfamiliar surroundings.

In contrast
Doug Scott, inconspicuous and quietly working on a stand in support of his own charity Community Action Nepal. Just another anonymous face amongst the crowd. And just the way he likes it I would suspect, based on my previous observations of the man in action.

Along the way, and in full flow on his 'Going Lightweight' talk, the ever sensible sounding Paddy Dillon. Somehow oblivious to the attempts of Darren, myself & various picture taking gear to distract him from his patter before an aged audience (where were the under fifties this year?)
(Paddy at work)
Talking of Darren, this year's UK Outdoor Blogger's meet was less well attended than on past occasions, but fruitful as ever. Always good to meet up with those more normally 'met' on-line.

Outside for a well earned fag break, and a golden opportunity to snap Terra Nova's subtle approach to the gentle art of blending in with the wildcamping environment - to whit a bright red one man tent.

But wait. Who's this guy trying to get into the snapshot? Whoever it is, they were getting to be a real pain in the behind as every time I moved to get a clear view, he did the same.

Finally he turned around - bugger me its Podcast Bob. The subtle advertising should have given it away (lol))

. (Podcast Bob with self publicity for his on-line shop)

Guess Bob's still having trouble with the right way around to wear a backpack.

Homeward bound then. And on the way to mull over this year's show for my next post.


Hi John,Very good report on the Show.Haven't visited fo the last couple of years but maybe I'll get around to going again next year.
hope it helped
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