Wednesday, July 9

Ten Peaks Charity Challenge - Update

I had a progress update earlier today from Donny, one of the masterminds behind the TenPeaks Charity Challenge)

The challenge's website has just been set up with a 'Just Giving page' for on-line donation to either (or both?) of the nominated charities.

This is an interesting alternative to many of the fund raising ideas that we see each year - climbing Scotland's ten highest peaks, from bottom to top, in ten days, all wildcamping as they go (that's a total ascent of 3,781 metres higher than Mt Everest)
The trip has now been moved back to September to give more time for fund raising before the team spring into action.

So now M&G have finished their 'little' wander perhaps you may want to help this one along to its £10,000 target...........and perhaps spread the word a little further? Its a big target, for a big challenge.

(And thanks for the plug on the Thank You page - that Derwent Duck of mine certainly gets around these days)

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Make a good backpack that would - having to get Ben Lawers would make it a bit of a long walk? .....The charity walk is a great idea and good luck to them.
I'm hoping for a trip report and route?
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