Thursday, July 3

On-line poll about Navigation

The ever excellent GroughNews has pointed me in the direction of research being conducted by a Newcastle University student interested in navigation when out in the countryside.

And you, as a reader of this blog, are one of those ideally suited to spend the five minutes it will take to fill it in.

Go on, you know you want to


Duly filled in the questionnaire, but I do feel it seemed to be slanted towards the use of GPS's. I wonder who was funding the research?

There were not many opportunities to say that I only used them when I was either a bit bored and just fancied playing, or that I couldn't be arsed with getting it out becasue I knew where I was anyway and that my personal pride wouldn't let me use the damn thing...

I know what you mean. There wasn't any opportunity to state how I actually used mine out in the wilds.
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