Tuesday, June 24

Outdoor Show

Well that's the press pass request in for the forthcoming show.

What's that - what show?

Surely someone has tracked it down by now?

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Not this one is it - http://www.outdoorlifestyleshow.co.uk/theshow.htm? (Not sure about their idea of what a hiker looks like...)
blimey - you beat Darren to it - well done. Its local so worth a looksee and get a feel for what the man in the street thinks the outdoor is all about these days. Call it market research.
Aha, it is Darren in disguise as the happy camper.
There's always outdoortradeshow.com in sep/oct
Ah, I see why John's wanting to go to his "local" one. In amongst a showroom of car dealerships, there is also:
tank paintball!!!!
Tank paintball??????????? OOOhhhh, can I come and play too. What fun, running around in a tank squirting paint at folks.We could take it in turns driving John! Dawn
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