Sunday, June 15

Dartmoor Bound

Well, that's the rucksack packed ready for the off Monday. The weather forecast is about as mixed as one would expect for Dartmoor, an area renown for its rain & poor visibility.

Pack weight looks to be around the 12-13k mark (28-30lb) That's much heavier than I'd normally carry but this includes 5+ days of food so as to avoid the necessity for resupply if the fancy so takes me.

My plan is to wander northwards at will , without any real timetable. So the weight is a cost I'm prepared to pay for this approach. At least I know the quicker I eat it, the less weight I'll be then carrying.

Dartmoor itself will be an interesting variation on my usual trips. For a change I don't expect any problems with finding water. But the remoteness of most of my route, and little fallback on the villages I would normally encounter along the way, will mean my map & compass skills will get a lot of brushing up. Very quickly!

On the plus side I'm not likely to get lost. Possibly just mislaid for a short while.

See you when I get back in.

Y'all play nicely whilst I'm away now.


Have a great time. Look forward to your trip diary.
Have a good trip :-)
Be careful out there, John. Watch out for the live firing. The rivers. The sheep..... sorry, I forgot what I was going to say next.

You have a great time.
Have a good trip John, enjoy.
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