Friday, June 27

A luddite chalks

All may appear quiet here at JH Towers. But megalomania never sleeps.

PC#1 is at the fixers for some serious motherboard welding. And this fall back laptop is being bolstered by a backup file server based on some surplus kit and a mega hard drive (you can NEVER have enough backups!)

Then there's the time spent monitoring the response to the Wildcamping Petition, and working on the next steps along with the rest of the support team.

So I went back to work today. This holiday lark only works if I actually get away from the house, the area, and the bloody day to day routine that I allow myself to get sucked into all too easily.

Roll on mid July and the long weekend in Dartmoor for the semi regular get together of the UK Outdoor Bloggers. In the wilds. Under canvas (well ok nylon sort of stuff)

But all outdoors and well away from this damned electronic haze.

Technology, a great time saver?

Pah! Don't make me larf.


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