Tuesday, July 8

M&G LeJoG complete

M&G Go For A Walk? Well perhaps not for a few days now they've completed their Land's End to John O' Groats wander.

As one journey ends, I'm sure others will be calling out for the couple's attention.

As Alan Sloman found after his LEJOG meander back in 2007 just what else is there to do now, when waking up to face each new day?

What replaces that daily certainty? That steady movement towards the destination.

Things have changed. No going back to the way they used to be, or so it seems. The personality that started out on the journey all those months ago has been irrevocably altered.

OK, perhaps in Alan's case it seemed to involve pubs (lol), but I'm looking forward to Mick and Gayle's on-line deliberation as to what happens next.

Well done both.

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