Sunday, July 6

Erection Tip - Keep it up overnight

Podcast Bob's recent release covering the first part of his Cape Wrath trip (no link as yet where is it Bob?) includes a tip to cope with the tendency of his tent pole to sink into the mud overnight.

Bob, recalling his motorcycling days, suggested using a motorcycle side stand "foot", which ably solves the problem.

Like Bob I've also spent many years involved with the bike scene, so here's my alternatives.

On arriving at a rain sodden and mud squelching rally field the approved method is:
1. Remain astride the bike
2. Grab a can of beer
3. Drink the contents
4. Stamp on the can
5. Place under the side stand to stop it sinking into the mud

You could always spot the rally virgins. Ignorant of this essential procedure they'd hop off their pride and joy (packed full of heavy camping gear) and then wander off for a I-Know-All-About-This chat with their mates. Behind them their bike would slowly tilt sideways as the bike laid itself down into the mud. Usually to much hilarity from onlookers and a real strain to get upright again.

Other alternatives were a handy flattish stone, pieces of wood (not very successful - they'd usually snap) or the assistance of a naive passer-by - "Here, just hold this mate while I pop to the beer tent for an old can" Or two perhaps just in case (lol)

But for camping why not utilise the lid of a 35mm film canister, or similar from a pill bottle top? Depending on the width of a pole perhaps a top from a two litre bottle would do the trick? Trial and error.

Anything durable and light will do as long as its wide enough to ensure the pole can spread the load across the ground beneath, which is the basic principle involved.

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