Thursday, May 3

TGO Magazine June

What is it with this current crop of outdoors mags?

TGO arrived via postie yesterday, and I'm as similarly as unimpressed as with Trail's offering.

A pity because TGO is at least a 'good read' rather than a cause of distraction when trying to sort the articles out from the cunningly disguised adverts (sic Trail).

Were the editorial team all out on the hills, or is the increasingly distant cover date (2 May recipt for the June issue!) meaning less contemporary content.

  • Chris Townsend - nice commitment to duty for the 'Car Camping' article. But this is Chris 'Mr Backpack' Townsend. Poor fellow. Throw him a lifeline?
  • Jim Perrin/Mike Harding pieces I actually enjoyed
  • Review of single skin tents - interesting
  • Deepdale Route was different, but petered out towards the end
  • Dave Mycroft - technology convergance- good piece. Too short
But overall it felt like the mag lacked focus. More a generalist Outdoor campsy type mag. Not quite the market niche they've been working so hard towards over the last few issues.

I might even buy 'Country Walking' at this rate to see it's just me becoming getting a pernickity old bugger in the sunny weather. Harrumph.


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