Thursday, May 3

Scribble on a (Harvey) Map

I nicked this from an Outdoors Magic thread, but I'm sure they won't mind as the advice comes straight from Harvey Maps.

"What non-permanent pen might be used to write on Harvey Maps?
Harvey's response:

"Most of our waterproof maps (e.g. the Superwalker) are printed on latex impregnated paper which is stronger than ordinary paper, and waterproof, but otherwise behaves much like ordinary paper. So, as with ordinary paper, you can write on them in pencil and take it off with an ordinary rubber. It is not possible to remove writing put on in biro without also taking the map off.

The maps in our XT40 range (British Mountain Maps and some Route maps), are printed on an untearable, 100% waterproof plastic. You can write on them in pencil and take it off with an ordinary rubber. If you use a biro or spirit pen and try to use white spirit, or similar, to take the writing off, you will take the map image off as well.

Our waterproof maps are not laminated, they are printed on paper which is itself waterproof. Lamination on the other hand puts a film layer on top of the map. With a laminated map, it is possible to write on and wipe the writing off using spirit (e.g. white spirit). This can be useful. The trouble with a laminated map, however, is that it is heavy and bulky"

Thought it worth sharing in case you'd not tripped across the original thread.


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