Sunday, May 6

New Forest Bank Holiday Crowds

A couple of snapshots from visits to some regular spots revisited this holiday weekend.

The Holmsley Station Tea Rooms. If you spilt a bag of sugar on the floor, the ants would soon be teeming all over it, to scurry off with their booty. If you can picture that, you've got the image of the Tea Room garden in the spring sunshine yesterday afternoon. Replace ants with people. Sugar with scones & clotted cream teas.

Not too sure about the "serious walker" armed with map, compass, twin walking poles and a part filled 60 litre day sack.

Phew. Now that is serious.

Sunday, and over to Secret Corner to escape the crowds. A good plan, but it look like it may have become someone else's secret for entirely different reasons.

It's the first time I've ever come across any other visitors in that area. And it's definitely the first time I've ever spotted cyclists. But just a word of caution if the information has been picked up via this blog.

It's probably best not to leave bright orange cycles leaning against the trees just off the path. And just because the main path has petered out, it doesn't mean that there are no further tracks further on.

So it must have been a bit of a surprise as me and the dogs ambled around the edge of the hillside, and made you both jump a little.

Well when I say a jump, not straight up in the air that is, more of a lateral movement as you dived for your clothes to cover up.

Brave folk - a cheeky wind and all those pine needles on the ground. Ouch. Looked like some good sun tans though.

And like the gent I am, I bowed my head and made as if I hadn't seen them, for once not shouting a cheery 'Good Day'

Thought it best not to on this occasion. Same for the walk pictures. Ahem.


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