Thursday, May 13

Cumbria Floods - Journo charged

Back in January I mentioned one of the less salubrious elements of Press reporting of an already overstretched MRT deep, quite literally, in the Cumbria flooding emergency of Winter 2009.

"The only downside ….. a spurious call from a journalist who said she'd heard a report of someone injured on Skiddaw. The Keswick (MRT) team were suspicious from the start but that didn’t stop them deploying thirty people to the hill before the woman admitted she was just testing the system to see if mountain rescue could still respond to the mountains despite their commitment to the floods. I understand she has now been charged with wasting the time of an emergency service, something which carries a tougher penalty than wasting police time"

(Andy Simpson/Mountain Rescue Magazine Jan 2010)

From Grough news comes a report that formal charges have now been made.

A little more background at the foot of the Caledonian Mercury newspaper article

If my quick Google of said individual proves correct then someone's career may not have been going quite as hoped recently.


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Excellent! I'm glad to see that it's being taken seriously. What an idiot!
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