Thursday, July 22

Dartmoor Southern Walkabout: Fri July 16th

The train journey was meant to be a gentle start to the trip.

But picking up the Plymouth express at Westbury resulted in an unwilling endurance test for the next two hours, wedge as I was at the end of the buffet counter, the nearby empty seats of 1st class teasing me and the other 20 or so standees by my side.

The rest of the train was even worse!

Seems like I’d picked the opening days for two separate festivals, both fed by this line.


I hoped off at Newton Abbott ducking into an adjacent pub for a large refreshment, fill my platypus from the pub tap & prep my walking kit. A welcome oasis of calm whilst awaiting the next slow train to take me the final few stops onto Ivybridge.

Finally I was onto the moor following a familiar track towards the night's destination

(I'll gloss over this part, but details here for those interested)

Suffice to say after a couple of hours I’d reached LEFTLAKE PIT (GR: 647 634) a spot I’d noted on previous trips as a possible kick off point near to the station.


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