Thursday, July 1

Dartmoor - Ivyrbridge Railway Station

Well that has taken a damned sight longer than I expected.

But the main thing is that my rail ticket for the imminent Dartmoor wildcamp is booked, paid for, and ready for pick up tomorrow.

One note for anyone considering Ivybridge Rail Station as a jump-off point for its easy access to Dartmoor wanders, especially the Two Moors Way. The frequency of trains stopping at this station has markedly reduced compared to my past jaunts. True it was never the busiest spot. But careful perusal of the train timetable is a real must-do for this year with l-o-n-g two hour gaps between service typical.

And that's if you want to travel during the day. Forget anything outside the typical commuter timetable.

So here's my hint.

Travel direct to Plymouth. Then pick up a local return train from there, or maybe hop a local bus/taxi if you want to avoid hanging around.

The good news? The ticket price is pretty similar to last year.

As for Ivybridge, I wonder how long that particular station, an unmanned one with minimal facilities as it is, will continue to appear on the rail network, despite the money spent in so recent times to bring it back into mainline service.

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