Wednesday, June 23

Dartmoor Bound

With work\life changes immanent (once again) my thoughts have turned selfish recently.

So July will see me heading for a week on Dartmoor, merrily wildcamping for as many nights as gives my pleasure (God am I going to smell after this one!)

Its all slightly karmic really.

Last year's trips were panning out so well with one in April, and a second in May. June's trip was planned, but personal events led to a postponement, which spookily has lasted just over a year.

Time to get back to where I belong.

After all I do a duty to The Fan to field test the new MP3 Player.


As if I need an excuse!

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I am looking forward to it and I am not even going, well not till August. Have fun.
Hi Jon,

I was looking for one of our product tester's blogs and found you instead.

Would you like to test some outdoor shoes for us?

Please email me back at and I'll see if there's something I can tempt you with to review and keep.

All the best
Adam - I'll take a look and let you know
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