Friday, June 18

I've had the builders in

A couple of small site mods - most of which would probably pass you by if I don't mention them.

An unsought link referral earned me a commendation from TripBase. I'm still not certain what this means. Or how long I'll leave it up on the site. But if it causes any reader irritation, rather than assistance - please let me know.

More controversial perhaps is my next change.

I've noticed recently that more of my on-line purchases are now via Amazon or E-Bay despite checking for other sites for those Best Price Deals etc.

In the last month I've easily made over 10 separate purchases via Amazon. Mostly cheap used paperbacks, but also more costly items. My MP3 player & batteries were both via this source, rather than the specialist sites I've used in the past.

The reason? Amazon's prices mostly remain competitive. And delivery is usually a painless and rapid process.

By coincidence I came across a couple of articles about the Amazon Associates scheme. As I seem to be already linking to Amazon items, I figured by signing-up to this I may potentially bring a few pennies in my direction to balance this site's overheads.

Its not that commercial a move.

I don't intend to plug products. Nor introduce those intrusive hovering link boxes.

And as I won't see any £s unless someone actually buys one of the products I'm not conniving with those damned site link
thru scams.

But I do like to keep this Blog honest & fair. So I thought it worth a mention.

Somehow I don't think early retirement will be the outcome of all this.


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