Wednesday, July 7

Dartmoor Perambulation - Careful Preperation & Kit List (sort of)

Not quite the best planned trip I've ever considered.

I've a few interesting ideas which sketch out over a rough route for the first couple of days.
Then beyond that - well nothing really concrete.

I intend to work my way into those to areas not previously visited, heading North until it feels time to turn around and head back Southwards.

Rucksack packing - not yet started.

The gear minutiae check is far from done.

Or even started to be honest.

Around the house there are small piles of 'must get that ready' kit slowly accumulating.

About the only thing properly semi-prepared are my boots (thoroughly cleaned of last Winter's New Forest mud prior to reproofing)

Oh, and electronic gear.

Fresh batteries packed away. Rechargeable items plugged into the nearest socket to ensure a full charge before setting out.

It used to be that the preparation work was part of the Fun. But nowadays its more a case of throwing a few things in a bag the night before I hotfoot it for the train.

Part of that is probably down to the way I now have my kit stored - all together in the spare room. Even better - safely stored in a large chest of drawers or on some (ex-garage) storage racking.

I've even managed to store two down sleeping bags unpacked, as per manufacturer recommendation.

Until the final packing I'll litter the house with large yellow Post-Its flapping in strange, but strategic-to-me locations. Reminding me of last minute items to sort & things yet to do.

But in the end anything forgotten, or even lost, can be sorted out on the trip down to Devon. Or when I get there.

That's if I don't decide to Do Without.

I guess my approach these days is 'Don't sweat the small stuff. Things tend to sort themselves out one way. Or another'

So for those of you anticipating a detailed kit list - its over there somewhere. Behind the pile of mounting gear collected together to sort out tomorrow.

So feel free to have a look for it if you want

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