Sunday, August 17

Hip-pack Competition 2008 update

Looks like yet again the summer's inclement conditions may be conspiring against this site's Hip-pack Competition (To find the most successful outdoor use of the smallest bag & lightest load for successfully completing a single wildcamp over night)

I've already had one night that may well qualify, but that wasn't the aim of that particular evening. So here's to a weekend night that is both dry and warm (remember those?)

But apart from that (and I can't enter!) my prize booty looks safe. Or are there some late contenders lurking out there?

Closing date for entries is the end of September 08. Details here.


Don't count your chickens yet matey ;-)

I have week days available to me now as well. with Kate back tomorrow there may be another entry real soon.
I'm afraid that despite my good plans of bettering last year's efforts (and of doing it at a more suitable time of year), there's not going to be a repeat of the closing-day-scary-bivvying-adventure.

The plumbing and plastering activities in between the end-to-ending and side-to-siding are just eating too much into my time.

But hopefully next year...

*is intrigued*

*goes off to weigh some stuff*
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