Saturday, August 2

The Adventure Show - TGO Challenge '08

On BBC 2 Scotland 6pm Sunday if you live north of the border, or have access via cable services

The Adventure Show "Dougie Vipond, Duncan McCallum and Lindsay Cannon head into Scotland's wildest and most remote country.There's news from the toughest marathon in the UK, which takes place at Cape Wrath in the far north-west. The show also joins a few hundred intrepid backpackers as they trek from the west coast to the east coast for the TGO Challenge. Plus, just how much you really need to carry when heading into the hills; Cameron McNeish reports from one of his favourite mountains; and some of the best food on offer in the country's north-west"

Here's hoping BBCi Player carries it after transmission, otherwise I'll be falling back onto the mercy of my Scottish chums out there for a video/DVD copy of the programme?

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When I recently asked about iPlayer not carrying BBC Scotland's "The Real Monarch of the Glen", the 'show' (or should I say 'advert') was carried soon afterwards. Here's part of the reply from the BBC:
"I can assure you that BBC iPlayer tries to offer as much regional content as possible".

It is nice to see that the British BC still sees anything non-English as being "regional".

Channel "Five" are showing a prog on Tuesday following the SAR in the Highlands. Maybe Darren will recognise the crews?
Hmm - no sign of it on iPlayer an hour and a half after transmission. The BBC Scotland outdoor portal site says it should be available on iPlayer for 7 days after transmission. Unless it's taking a long time to trickle through the pipes from Scotland (and it is downhill), it's not looking promising.
Getting through customs at Hadrian's Wall takes a wee whilie. I think for the BBC Alladale advertorial, a 24 hour delay was the order of the day.

If you don't give me a shout. No doubt Darren's already blogged about it. I'm wondering about just retyping the text messages we were sending during the show ;-)

Oh, and there's a dvd being released of the Challenge.
nothing yet 19:00 Mon
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